Consultancy is ICTR’s strongest component of activities. In view of its vast and varied expertise, ICTR is uniquely placed to provide design and consultancy services, in all major branches of Science, Engineering, Economics, and so on, tailor-made to suit the conditions and constraints of the less developed countries .  


 Pool of Consultants
   ICTR has access to a large international pool of experts and facilities, drawn from the universities and research organizations both in the developed and the developing countries. ICTR thus has expertise in a vast range of disciplines including the major branches of Science and Engineering, Economics, Education, etc .

 How it Works
   Our modus operandi is to invite consultants from our data base of registered volunteers and find the best and most experienced person(s) in the field. We then request these experts to gather in one or two day meetings to discuss issues surrounding the project at hand. Usually, in the first meeting the strategy of work is defined and work is distributed among participants. Then these experts are free to go to their countries and follow their study at their own space and time. There will be follow up meetings again to discuss the findings and to co-ordinate the work as it is needed .

 Minimum Costs / Performance
   In this way, we have managed to reduce the cost dramatically while keeping the quality of the work intact at its highest possible rate. Fortunately, the Internet explosion helped us improve our mode of operation even further .

   Not only ICTR has done consultancy works, but it has implemented many of those projects as well. The implementation is usually carried out by our sister company called: R E International. Many turn-key projects have been carried out by ICTR in conjunction with R E International. For more details on these projects please visit R E International’s site .